I am so tired.

Im tired of everything, I’m tired of this life, Im tired of living.

I’m counting down the days to rehab. 3 days from now ill be out of here, in a new space.

my gut is hurting from the sadness, I have nothing.

I have no-one around me and I’m fucking sick of sounding like this 16 year old emo in high school but I’m really hating on myself lately. I can’t eat right I can’t sleep I have no direction. I need someone or something, always. Thats the addictive personality and I know it but its ruling me and I can’t escape. I’m drowning.

I don’t know why to say, I want out, I want peace.
I need peace.

I need love.

I need fulfilment.
I have nothing to wake for tomorrow.
I am unsure of my future.
I look ahead and see black
is there redemption?


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