Spaceships in Egypt.

I’m watching pyramid on Netflix and if you haven’t watched it yet you have too.
Oh god we’re living life so wrong. We’re so limited, our consciousness is so strong. So powerful, so epic! And we have no clue. Honestly I’m waiting to do ayahuasca, one day I will. I’ll save the money to go to Peru, stay with a shaman and drink it. I want to face everything. See mother ayahuasca for who she is, I want her to lead me and teach me.
We live in such a backwards world where healing drugs are illegal and alcohol is not. Where we cannot step outside of our consciousness for the fear of what THEY think we will see.
One day we will all see, and we will grow in the way the ancient Egyptians did, and we will know the power they knew and be one and be whole. Our planet will be happy, we will feel a joined consciousness; not even just as humans but with animals and the plans and oceans and we will all be as one.
My body will not be here to witness but my soul will.
It will be a beautiful time.


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