I met this boy when I was working. This beautiful hippy boy on a bmx with crystals round his neck and braids tied in his hair.

fuck he was beautiful. He’s got these really soft eyes and long eyelashes, and this crazy laugh that makes me laugh everytime I hear it. He’s fucking mental, honestly. 150% off his fucking rocker mental.

I stay over and we have these long conversations deep into the night, laying on opposite sides of the bed holding hands staring at each other. So mother fucking cliche. And then we have this super hot, fucking amazing sex. On the bed, on the floor, on the bed; changing between bong hits or lines.

And we have these fuckkng beautiful nights that i wish would never end. And in morning he brings me watermelon and paw paw to eat and laughs with me and holds me and its perfect.

And then I leave.

And he’ll be gone for another week.

dissapeared somewhere into the depth of the madness he lives in, and I’ll dissapear into he madness I live in, and it’s almost like we forgot.

like we forgot the cosmic pull between us, the electricity when we kiss, the safety he brings.

And I’ll wait until next time.

Amd honestly I don’t mind to wait, I’m dating other people and I know he is too. But I don’t want what we have to end yet. I don’t want him to get into a relationship and have to stop our kisses.

Honestly he’s one of the most beautiful souls I’ve met.

they say when you find a beautiful flower you shouldn’t pick it you should admire it and let it grow, honestly baby, I could admire you all day.


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