Life and anxiety.anxiety

Life and anxiety

I was talking to my housemate last night after one of our late gym sessions, sitting on the balcony hyped on endorphins, smoking my cigarettes.
Anxiety hits us all, the world we live in is not the world we were supposed to live in. The pressure we feel everyday with money, jobs, loves, friends isn’t right. Both of us being from Europe we’ve grown up in such a hectic environment its rubbed off on us and we’re literally conditioned to run at 150mph.
I remember going to Glastonbury festival last year, it’s a massive music festival in England with healing fields and Vegan food all over the place, yoga sessions, group healing. It’s beautiful. Honestly I look back on that memory with complete nostalgia and warm fuzzies in my heart. I spent 8 days living in my friends van, eating 2cb and listening to amazing music with a really beautiful friend of mine. By the end of the festival I was drained, completely washed from the drugs but content and so so mellow.
I’m so empathetic it’s like I can feel everyone’s vibes from them a mile away and being in Glasto on the sacred lay lines really amped this up for me. I headed (very reluctantly) back to London after the festival to go home and Jesus was I a mess. I felt the weight of he whole city on my soul, everyone’s worries and angst and all the pain just flooded back into my heart.
I spent a week in London and decided to move to Australia, luckily I got a job out here working for sea Shepard (id been fundraising for Greenpeace back home) and honest to god it was best thing I’ve ever done. I feel like I’m repairing myself, I feel more myself now than I ever did before. All I had to do was move away from everyone and everything I knew and start again, start fresh and learn to love who I was with no expectations from anyone around me.
If you struggle with anxiety/ depression honestly you need to get out there and travel. Live in a hostel, make beautiful friends, live a life without restraint and the restraint will leave you. Never be scared to say yes and just up and leave because, and excuse me for sounding so drake, you do really only live once and you have to make it beautiful and rich and amazing.
Feeling very happy today, bring on the weekend ahead partying with my beautiful friends in a beautiful town
Peace and love


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