Fuck love: nones gunna change my mind, all they want to do is fuck and fuckboys always waste my time.

Damn I feel so anxious today. I have this really hardcore feeling of impending doom sitting in the pit of my stomach.
I think my bipolar makes it hard to date me, honestly, I know I shouldn’t think like that about myself but I’m intense. I like affection and reassurance and to be treated how I treat you. If I’m fucking you the likelihood is that I’m not fuck anybody else and I’m probably pretty into you. And yet this weekend this dude I’ve been seeing turns up at the club with some other chick and gets with her right in front of me. Mate. What the fuck is that.
Even the ones who you think are nice are fucking assholes when it comes down to it. Use your fucking mind, if you like me tell me, if your not I to it, tell me. I’m not a fucking child and I think we all deserve honesty. It stops us being unsure and allows us to feel comfort in the fact we’re not falling for someone who has no interest in us beyond sex.
I’m watching everyone around me get into relationships and it happens so easy for them. Then here I am single for 4 years, everybody dropping that ‘but your so pretty! How can you be single?!’ Get out of here. I’m single because the male species are incapable of not being a complete fuck wit. I’m sorry guys it’s not all of you, unfortunately maybe I’m not the best at picking them and probably attract the wrong type of people because of how I dress or what the fuck ever.
Sick of the shit, want to fall back in love, can’t do it.


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