Asexual predator?

Have you ever just not been Into anybody? For a long period of time? And even the people you date, who excite you at first, bore you after a couple days.

I’m not high maintenance, trust me I’m far from it. I’m the weed smoking , beer drinking, DNB loving type of chick that really, honestly, doesn’t give a shit. I’d rather smoke a J on the beach with you than be taken out to dinner (granted we could grab a burrito after to curb the munchies).

But why is it so hard to find a guy that’s into that? Recently I was seeing this guy (and forgive me because the context slips my mind)  I said something and he responded despondently with ‘oh I thought you were innocent’

innocent? psssh. Please define this to me.

why is it that a girl can’t be all the things a guy is (minus a raging douchebag) and not still be innocent and a good person. I can drink beer and chill with my guy friends and play with nerf guns and be myself. And yet after we fuck, which I’ll tell you was amazing because I’m a bed deamon, I wonder if he’s wondering why that was so good because he didn’t think I’d act like that.

Infact he seemed disappointed in the fact I’m not a stiff ass piece of wood with the gag reflex of a boulemic.

Fuck them, dating? Tinder? all this bullshit is precisely that. Bullshit. I want to roam free enjoy my shit and the right person will fall into my lap and make the effort.

And honestly it’s fine, every person you date is leading you to the next and them to the next until you figure out enough about ourself and other people to settle and be happy. And I’m pretty sure my future “whatever” will be pretty Pshyched with me.


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